Friday, February 18, 2011

Progressive Summit and Lobby Night

Monday, March 7, 2011 -- 5:30 8 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Hosted by House Ways and Means Chairwoman Sheila Hixson
Sponsored by Senators Jamin Raskin, Roger Manno, and Karen Montgomery;
and Delegates Tom Hucker and Heather Mizeur (others TBA)

All Maryland General Assembly members warmly welcomed!

House Ways and Means Committee Hearing Room

131, House Office Building 6 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD

Senators Paul Pinsky, Victor Ramirez, and Bill Ferguson; and Delegates Elizabeth Bobo,

Tom Hucker, Heather Mizeur, Al Carr, Eric Luedtke and others will participate.

The Summit will provide organizations and legislators an opportunity to unite support for specific bills, and build progressive momentum in Maryland.

To sponsor (help promote event) or participate, please contact:

Legislators please include: your name, committee assignment, and legislative priorities.

Organizations please include: your name, organization, contact info. and legislative priorities.

This year, PWG members voted to focus on six issues: Transparency in Government/Public Information Act Expansion, The Health Security Act, Campaign Finance Reform, Offshore Wind Farm, Cost of War/Fund Our Communities Campaign, and Combined Corporate Reporting--as well as facilitate progress on other issues. In past years, we've focused on issues including Marriage Equality, Paper Ballot Voting, Privacy Issues (ASVAB, Anti-Spying), Immigrants' Rights, Global Warming Legislation, and more.

The Progressive Working Group supports a wide political, economic and social agenda for the state of Maryland based on progressive principles and practical, effective solutions to the challenges we face. We promote progressive campaigns and candidates to advance the quality of life for all. We work to promote activism and participation by Maryland residents through outreach and education. We challenge candidates and elected officials to advance progressive values in their legislative actions. Many progressive groups are working on issues in Annapolis, often with limited cooperation or communication with other groups. The Progressive Working Group will create opportunities for progressive organizations to share information, assess legislation, as well as learn from and cooperate with each other on issues affecting the well-being of Maryland’s residents.

If you're interested in joining the PWG, email us at:
Please include: your name, organization, contact info. and legislative priorities

Progressive Working Group Coalition and Planning Meeting

Delegate Liz Bobo will join us and give us an update on her legislation in Annapolis 
Progressive Working Group Coalition and Planning Meeting, Saturday February 19th 3 - 5 PM
        Oakland Mills Interfaith Center AKA "The Meeting House"
        In the "The Quad" (Rooms 22 through 25)
        5885 Robert Oliver Place Columbia, Maryland

        Near: Columbia Bank, Food Lion Grocery Store, etc.

We'll discuss issues facing Maryland, and Progressive Working Group organizing