Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mission Statement and Statement of Purpose

Mission Statement:
Adopted Unanimously by the Progressive Working Group

The Maryland Progressive Working Group supports a wide political, economic and social agenda for the state of Maryland based on progressive principles and practical, effective solutions to the challenges we face. We promote progressive campaigns and candidates to advance the quality of life for all. We work to promote activism and participation by Maryland residents through outreach and education. We challenge candidates and elected officials to advance progressive values in their legislative actions. Many progressive groups are working on issues in Annapolis, often with limited cooperation or communication with other groups. The Progressive Working Group will create opportunities for progressive organizations to share information, assess legislation, as well as learn from and cooperate with each other on issues affecting the well-being of Maryland’s residents.

Statement of purpose:
Adopted Unanimously by the Progressive Working Group

We, the Maryland Progressive Working Group, mutually pledge to promote the following principles:

Fundamental fairness and equality: Discrimination has no place in our society, whether based on age, race, ethnicity, gender, class, disability, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or citizenship status.

Democracy: Democratically elected government is essential to provide for the common good. Democratic governance depends on clean, fair and transparent elections; honest, efficient, fiscally responsible and open government; and full access to power independent of social or economic status. Government policy must be based on facts, science and reason.

Prosperity: Long-term prosperity depends on economic development that is ecologically sustainable, materially benefits all segments of society in their work and communities, and redresses excessive disparities in wealth.

Economic and social justice: Justice demands that workers have safe workplaces and be able to organize and bargain collectively; businesses be responsible to the communities in which they operate; the financial burden of meeting the needs of the common good rest most heavily on those most able to pay; and government exercise its regulatory powers for the common good.

Economic security: Our society must provide the means for all of its members to have access to decent, affordable housing; adequate food and clothing; affordable, quality health care; and quality public education at all levels; and must protect those most vulnerable, including those facing unemployment, disability, injury, sickness, and old age.

Physical security: People should feel secure at home and in their neighborhoods, safe from crime and pollution. They should be protected from inappropriate governmental interference in their personal health decisions. Non-violence must be the preferred means of conflict resolution between individuals, groups and nations. Our criminal justice system must be fair and open, emphasize rehabilitation, and renounce executions.

Progressive Working Group Member Organizations

The Progressive Working Group is a coalition of Maryland-based progressive organizations working to advance progressive change including:
Audubon Naturalist Society | CASA of Maryland | Democracy for Montgomery County | Equality Maryland | Healthcare Maryland | Healthcare-Now of Maryland | Montgomery County Progressive Alliance | Montgomery Health Care Action | PeaceAction Montgomery | Patients' Union | Peace and Justice of Prince George's County | Progressive Cheverly | Progressive Democrats of America | Progressive Neighbors | SAVE Our Votes | Transparency and Equal Access in Government (TEAG) | Upcounty Action